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Eyad Abulsharaf is a chef with a worldwide reputation. He had studied at the culinary institute of the World’s largest culinary academy «Le Cordon Bleu» (Paris) and «ЛеШомпен» (Geneva). He had worked at the «Meridian» and the «Sheraton» hotels (Damascus) and at the «Radisson» and the «Hyatt-Regency» hotels (Kuwait). He has experience in flight catering at the Kuwait airlines.  All that formed his culinary talent and unique approach to cooking. As a result, Eyad Abulsharaf’s talent was noticed and appreciated. He was offered a position of the chef at court of His Majesty Prince of Kuwait. A position that most people could not even dream of!

Since 1997 Eyad Abulsharaf has been working in Russia. Under his direction were open Arkady Novikov’s restaurants “Beloe solntse pustini” (The white sun of the desert) and “Kavkazskaya plennitsa” (Caucasian captive). He organized catering of the “Elki-palki” chain restaurants. He worked with Valery Syutkin and Evgeny Havtan on the  “Orange tie” project, Stas Namin on the “Blues Café”, Andrey Makarevitch and Valery Meladze.

In 2001 Mr. Eyad Abulsharaf became chef of the most famous historical Moscow restaurant – the «Praga» («Prague»). In this position from 2004 to 2010 he won gold and silver medals in the nominations «Dessert» and «Food» at a prestigious international folk contest. He also was awarded the   A-class diploma for his sugar composition of the St. Basil's Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow.

In 2005 Eyad Abulsharaf opened a banquet hall  the «Safisa» which is now one of the most luxurious restaurants in Russia. In 2009 he was arranging and coordinating the work of seven restaurants at the « MardanPalace» - the most magnificent hotel in Turkey.

You may ask for whatever your heart desires! But there is no ceiling for Eyad Abulsharaf’s cookery imagination. In 2013 he opened his own restaurant. And in 2014 he set up a catering company. His motto is «Live with gusto!». Eyad Abulsharaf has his own approach to any client who inevitably becomes his loyal friend.  That’s why he scores  big successes.