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Maestro bravo!

Key to the success of any event is its well-defined arrangement and savoury food. And it doesn’t matter whether it is an official presentation, a wedding reception or a birthday party. Occasions may vary but these two elements define whether your banquet will be the best of its sort. 

Chef Eyad Abulsharaf and his team know everything on how to make your feast unforgettable.

Catering in their performance is a symphony of exquisite taste.

Any dish in  Eyad Abulsharaf’s hands instantly turns into a culinary masterpiece. Dinner in his performance can be easily compared with an art exhibition or a concert of a symphony orchestra. Tastes twinkle replacing one another; their tinges capture the imagination of guests and conquer their hearts.

Because Eyad Abulsharaf knows for certain that cooking is a high performance and even the most demanding gourmets may lose ground there.